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  Birdsong Farms offers a wide range of horse breeding and mare care services.  Stephen Vogelsang has been involved in equine reproduction services for more than 40 years.  Not only is he extremely well- experienced,  he has remained abreast of the latest technology.
  • Artificial insemination with fresh, cooled and frozen semen
  • Semen collection and processing for cooled shipment
  • Semen freezing and storage
  • Manage mares in an embryo transfer program including:
    • Breeding       
    • Synchronization with recipients
    • Embryo collection
    • Non-surgical transfer
  • We have our own recipient herd to use for transfers or can arrange to send the embryo to the facility of your choice.
Birdsong Farms can also provide year-round care for your broodmares or recipient mares.  There are approximately 200 acres of pasture with both summer and winter forage species. For the mares, there are facilities for private stalls, small group paddocks or pasture.  For mares with foals, there are large 12 x 20 foot stalls with access to turn-outs.

Ms. Jessica Hertel handles the semen freezing responsibilities and manages the recipient herd for Birdsong Farms.  Jessica earned her undergraduate degree from West Texas A&M University and completed the Master of Agriculture degree at Texas A&M University focus on equine reproduction.  She is in her second year with us.

Mr. Rowdy Burger recently joined our team at Birdsong Farms.  He has a wide range of responsibilities primarily related to facility management and upkeep of both horse and cattle operations.
Stephen and Martha Vogelsang
Physical: 10466 Old Hearne Road, Hearne, TX  77859 • Mailing: PO Box 444, College Station, TX  77841
Stephen:  979-229-3439 • Martha:  979-229-5538 • Email: stephen.vogelsang@yahoo.com
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